(ES) Movilidad

In DIMATICA we develop mobile applications in hybrid and native language that provide versatility to the client and facilitate the performance and control of tasks that are executed outside offices and workplaces.

By means of “turnkey” projects we design the solution that best adapts to the needs of the clients, in the mobile devices and in the required technology (Smartphones, Tablets, Smartwatch…).


Mobile applications

Development of mobile applications with both hybrid and native technologies. Our certifications in different Mobile Development Frameworks allow us to develop competitive applications for any environment or need.

Maintenance of mobile applications

Support and preventive, corrective and evolutionary maintenance of mobile applications in different technologies, thanks to our team of multi-profile professionals.


Realization of turnkey projects aimed at satisfying all the specific needs of customers, covering all phases of the project: analysis, execution, delivery, implementation and maintenance.


With our own team of UX/ UI designers, we design interfaces that enrich the user experience, accessibility and intuitive navigation for the user.


Mobile Capture

This solution allows the capture, storage and processing of images for all types of validation and integration processes with other systems, or for any business process that needs to securely verify the identity of the client from the mobile device. It also allows the capture of proof of life to avoid impersonation.


Placo Saint Gobain

Development of an application for transport control, made up of two different parts, one for customers and the other for transporters.

Albatros Logistic

Development of a mobile application for the control and monitoring of material deliveries from transporters to various customers, for application in Spain and Morocco.


System for carrying out customer satisfaction surveys in RETA stores throughout Spain.


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