Data Analysis

(ES) Análisis de Datos

In DIMATICA we offer services and solutions that allow companies to generate competitive advantages from the collection, analysis and transformation of data, and allow them to form the knowledge base necessary to support the decisions and actions they take.


Big Data

Management services and analysis of huge volumes of unconventional data, exceeding the limits and capabilities of software tools commonly used for data capture, management and processing.

Business Analytics

Services of analysis of data of the company, contrasting them with those of the market to improve the processes and to facilitate the decision making.

Business Intelligence

We use BI oriented to the transformation of data into information, performing its analysis and optimizing the business decision making process. This gives our customers a potential competitive advantage.



BI software solution for business intelligence, with integrated reporting tools.


BI software solution that helps data analysis and optimizes decision making.



Design and development of service control panels with Microsoft Power BI tool for work carried out in Brazil, Italy, France, Portugal and Spain.

Cantos SEO BirdLife

Data processing system to identify bird species present in an open natural environment by capturing sound records of birds. This is possible thanks to a computation algorithm that will correlate the physical parameters (frequency, intensity, cadence) of the waves of these sounds with those of a reference database of avifauna in Spain.

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