Digital Transformation

(ES) Transformación Digital

In DIMATICA we put at the service of the client the talent of our work team for the reinvention of organizations that allows them to achieve their objectives and business strategies.

We accompany our customers in the modernization of their classical processes to the world 4.0 by combining our solutions and practices resulting in results for customers:

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Generate new revenue streams
  • Respond quickly to market changes
  • Create competitive advantage



Analysis of needs, search for the best sensor system, capture of emitted data and development of platforms for the management and analysis of captured data, providing the necessary information to improve business processes and productivity.

IoT Platforms

Development and implementation of platforms aimed at mass information gathering, analysis and transformation into useful information, specially prepared for industrial innovation and design of IoT applications.

GPS Fleet Geolocation Systems

Development, Implementation and Operation of Geolocation Systems for the monitoring, control and management of vehicle fleets, applying the most advanced technologies and seeking maximum profitability.

Electronic Headquarters

Electronic administration platforms that allow the user to carry out all kinds of formalities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and the technician of the Public Body to carry out his work more efficiently, which saves time and costs.

Industry 4.0

Consulting and implementation of the products formed by last generation digital technologies in the factories and the classic industry.

Electric vehicle charging point

DIMÁTICA has created a 360º solution for charging electric vehicles. Our offer includes the installation, maintenance and supply of the physical load points, as well as an integrated software platform with them.



A platform for integrating and managing IoT and AP applications, owned by the PTC manufacturer and designed for Smart Connected Products.


Solutions designed with Lidar technology for localization, geological or security applications.


Solution for locating, tracking and controlling vehicle fleets, providing a set of administrative tools that combined with the different GPS devices, allow high profitability in the management of them.


E-Headquarters solution from Add4u, a company specialized in public administration that allows the digital transformation of the sector, through specific modules to facilitate e-government.


Proprietary solution of the Sermicro Group dedicated to the recharging of HW and SW electric vehicles (physical charging point, management platform and mobile application). Visit the website

Smart Vending

Application solution for mobile purchasing in vending machines, including campaign design and identity and age validation.



Development of an application for the management and optimization by means of geolocation and the installation of sensors for the collection of waste for Geesinknorba.


Development of an application for IOS and Android operating systems that allows the user to buy vending machines from the mobile phone with different associated means of payment.


DIMATICA has a complete solution for the recharging of electric vehicles, consisting of management software platform, mobile application and physical charging point, in addition to the services associated with the service such as maintenance and support.