Document management

(ES) Gestión Documental

DIMATICA proposes document management as the set of rules and practices used to manage the flow of documents received and created in an organization, facilitate the retrieval of information contained in documents, determine the time that documents should be kept, reduction and elimination of paper and ensure long-term conservation, applying principles of rationalization, legislation as an application General Regulation Data Protection – RGPD, environment and economy.

Our solutions support all the phases and processes of a document management project both in the field of private enterprise and public administration.

In DIMATICA we have agreements with reference companies of document management and digital transformation that allow us to tackle different types of document management projects adapting to the needs of each client.



Communications with the client

Implementation and establishment of unified communications platforms to facilitate direct and personalized contact with customers.

Electronic Signature and Verification

Integration and verification of the electronic signature in any business process to carry out transactions from devices regardless of location.

Financial Process Automation (FPA)

Automation of billing and administration processes, reducing costs, increasing accuracy and improving customer relationships.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automation of manual and repetitive tasks using robots to eliminate errors and provide greater process accuracy.

Information Capture

Capture information to perform all types of business processes from the mobile device.

Digital Preservation

Digital information storage services aimed at ensuring the availability of information, regardless of the time that has elapsed and the storage format used.

Archiving / Custody

Archiving services and custody of digitized documents, thus avoiding the consumption of space in customers and ensuring their security, integrating them with other services and processes of Document Management.

Recording and Indexing

Implementation of tools that allow the recording and indexing of documents quickly and securely, achieving the highest quality at the lowest cost.


Service of digitalization of any type of documentation that facilitates the conservation, management and sharing of the information of a company.


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Implementation Services for the management, maintenance and outsourced improvement of applications, providing value solutions that ensure the alignment of the investment with the imperatives of the business.


Enterprise Content Manager, a solution for document management throughout its life cycle, including processes and certified digitization of supplier invoices.


Customer Communication Manager

Kofax solution for the automatic combination of data and documents.


OnBoarding process including scanning and data extraction of identity documents using mobile applications.


Kofax Solution for Electronic Signature Integration. Anti-Fraud


Automatic digitization of different types of documents such as invoices, delivery notes, orders, contracts...

Process Automation

Solutions that automate repetitive tasks, avoiding errors and providing greater precision in the processes.


Kofax Solution for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Multichannel Capture

Capture, processing, data extraction and automated import of information included in documents from different sources such as email, directories, document scanning ...


Libnova solutions for digital preservation specializing in large documentary and artistic collections.


Microsoft enterprise collaboration platform for portals and content management.

Open Journal System

Open source software solution for the administration and publication of journals and periodicals on the Internet.



Gobierno de Navarra

Technical assistance service in matters of evolution, maintenance and support of the portalisation and knowledge management platforms that provide service to the different Departments of the Administration of the Autonomous Community of Navarre.

Ayuntamiento de Alcobendas

Corrective and evolutionary maintenance of the Social Welfare Patronage files processing system of Alcobendas City Council based on the Documentary Management solution - OnBase.


Digitization, development, loading of existing issues and publication of the magazine "Ingeniería Civil" of CEDEX, using the publishing platform of journals and serialized documents OJS.

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