Quality and Security

(ES) Calidad y Seguridad

DIMATICA provides services aimed at managing the quality of services, development projects and security through people, processes, infrastructure and technology with the aim of controlling, knowing and minimizing a possible attack on the organization.

Our strategy is to simplify access to security technologies, aligning quality with the cost of services and minimizing customer investments.


SIEM technologies

Logging, aggregated or correlated security events, event searches, dashboards, alerts and tickets, reporting.

Code Security

Automate the flow of quality components through software supply chains to avoid and correct risks generated from component-based programming.

Pentesting Audits

Source code analysis systems in web applications to determine the level of security and propose corrective or mitigating measures for the vulnerabilities found.

GDPR and ENS Regulatory Audits

We perform audits for compliance with GDPR and ENS regulations, which include both legal and technical analysis, analysis of the data collected and the preparation of a report.

Ethical hacking

Recognition, fingerprinting, scanning, web attacks, metasploit, exploitation and post-exploitation.

Cybersecurity and Cyberintelligence

We provide administrative and organizational measures, technical mitigation measures and communications.


SOC (Security Operations Centre)

Security Operations Centre that has the people, processes, infrastructure and technology needed to monitor, manage and control cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.


Ayuntamiento de Alcobendas

Consulting service and advice to the technical team of the Ayuntamiento de Alcobendas on how to implement changes in the source code, including the execution of a testing tool and vulnerability analysis.

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