Software Development

(ES) Desarrollo de Software

DIMATICA provides development, support, integration and preventive, corrective and evolutionary maintenance services for software applications in different environments and technologies.

We can offer our customers customized services to get their new application or evolve existing applications according to their new business and market needs.



Design and development of customized web portals with the most advanced CMS's on the market and adapted to different devices, allowing customization, scalability and simplicity in updating content.


Realization of turnkey projects aimed at satisfying all the specific needs of customers, covering all phases of the project: analysis, execution, delivery, implementation and maintenance.

Software Maintenance

Software maintenance and support services, preventive, corrective and evolutionary, that analyze, correct, solve and improve any type of error that can be reported during the useful life of the software.

Software Integration

Software integration services, both proprietary and customer, with a structural approach that combines rigor and flexibility, optimizing processes to achieve improvement at all levels.


Consultancy services specialized in different technologies, for all kinds of developments, helping our customers to administer, plan and manage their systems and adapt them to their real needs.

Web applications

Development of web applications by our team of engineers and computer scientists, which enables us to tackle any type of project with the aim of solving any need of our customers and increase their productivity.

IT Architecture

Design and development of IT architectures, establishing tasks, technical requirements, business model, structures, etc.


With our own team of UX/ UI designers, we design interfaces that enrich the user experience, accessibility and intuitive navigation for the user.



GS-DS is a content manager based on Xibo, which allows to control the contents of several screens in an intuitive and simple way.


Online application for the generation, sending and analysis of different types of online surveys in a personalized way.


Solution for the management of company insurance policies, allowing the control of policies, insurable elements, receipts, payments, events, risks, claims, etc. from a single console.


Application to manage CVs of companies facilitating the work of the Department of Selection and HR.


Resource and economic planning management solution, automatic and centralized management of work orders for facility processes and breakdowns.


Joomla! is a content management system that allows you to develop dynamic and interactive websites, based on PHP language.


WordPress is a content management system or CMS focused on the creation of any type of web page, written in PHP language.


ANIMSA – Asociación Navarra de informática Municipal

Framework Agreement for the execution of "Turnkey" projects for the development of computer applications, from the offices of DIMATICA.

Cobra Group

Design, content management, translation and maintenance of the Cobra Group's corporate website based on CMS Wordpress.

Cantos SEO BirdLife

Data processing system to identify bird species present in an open natural environment by capturing sound records of birds. This is possible thanks to a computation algorithm that will correlate the physical parameters (frequency, intensity, cadence) of the waves of these sounds with those of a reference database of avifauna in Spain.

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